Project 47 Show Rack

Project 47 Show Rack built by AMAX.

Radeon Instinct Mi-25 Cards

Machine Art

Project 47 Announced at SIGRAPH

Dr Lisa Su Introducing our Project 47 1 PetaFLOPS Rack

Projects Links

Linus Tips Video on Project47

Click image for link to Linus video of us building Project 47

AMD/Inventec Project 47

Click image for Link to my BLOG on AMD site for Project 47

Team 47 GoMan

Click image for Youtube Video of this  1997 3D Game developed by the company I founded, 47-TEK

Orange Guerilla Bike

Click image for link to OGB Facebook Page

Orange Guerilla DJ

Click image for link to OGDJ Facebook page

Guerillaz in Da Mixx

Click image for link to GiDM Facebook Page


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